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Tsarevo Municipality is located in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is situated at 65 km to the south of Bourgas, on the main road E-87. In ancient times, Tsarevo was inhabited by a colony named Vassiliko. The town was destroyed by a huge fire  in 1882 and than reconstructed again.  The town of Tsarevo was included in the territory of  Bulgaria only in 1912. The name of Tsarevo dates back to the 1930.

A specific landscape feature of Tsarevo Municipality, that is being utilized for the implementation of its tourism functions is the shore. There are 16 beaches along the coastline of the municipality, with a total length of 9184 m and the municipal center – the town of Tsarevo – is situated at three bays. The first and the largest port to the south of Bourgas is located in Tsarevo. Its main advantage is its proximity to the Bosfore outlet, and its waters are the cleanest of all areas along the entire coastline. Since 1995 the port was declared international. The winters in the region are mild and vessels may be kept there throughout the year. These factors make the Tsarevo port the first choice of the yachtsmen. The largest river in Strandja – Veleka river – crosses the municipality. The lower stream of the river (the last 10 km) is suitable for sailing. The oldest reserve in Bulgaria – Silkosia is located within the municipality of Tsarevo. One of the seven humid zones in Bulgaria that are of continental significance – Ropotamo-Veleka complex – is also situated here. Via Pontica - the spring route of birds from Northern Europe to the south – crosses the Strandja mountain and coastline. A network of protected areas has been established to preserve the unique nature of Strandja, including the largest Nature Park in our country – Strandja, eight reserves and a number of natural landmarks and protected localities, such as Popovi Skali, Silistar, Veleka River mouth, Dyado Vulcho, etc.

Tsarevo is among the most visited south Black sea resorts. The holiday season in Tsarevo starts in the beginning of May and last till the end of September The resort offers great hospitality, perfect service, lots of attractions and a rich market with fresh vegetables, locally grown. The average temperature in July is 30° C. The nearest airport is in Bourgas. The numerous and diverse attractions (natural, historic, architectural, etc.) make Tzarevo one of the most appealing areas in the Bourgas region. The unique combination of seaside, mountains, rivers, exotic vegetation and diversity of animal and plant species, along with the traditions and the authentic culture and customs of Strandja, provide opportunities for development of tourism


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