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The village is situated on a hilly slope with a northern exposure. The village is only 10 km west of the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort - Sunny Beach and 25 km north of the regional center - the city of Burgas. The main road Burgas - Kableshkovo - Dyulinski is only about 700 meters from the first village houses. The village has a mild climate and a multitude of mineral springs. North-west of Medovo flows the Aheloi river, on which is built the Aheloi dam - one of the most beatiful and clean dams in the Burgas region, which is also suitable for fishing tours.

The village is established by four brothers, who moved to this place from the Huhla village, in the southern part of Bulgaria near the city of Ivailovgrad. Medovo is  close to the Biberna summit above the town of Kableshkovo, where it is told that the Bulgarian tzar Simeon the Great has observed and led our army in the Aheloy battle on the 20.08.917. - one of the greatest and deadliest battles in Europe, which the Bulgarians won decisively.

The location of the village is especially favourable for the development of the para- and delta-gliding extreme sports, and these are the plans of the national extreme sports clubs. Medovo also benefits from a community center/library and a functioning kindergarten, recently renovated orthodox church, and recently built modern electricity-distribution station. At the moment there are several small shops for food products, 2-3 cafes and one nice restaurant for excursions of the "Bulgarian village" type.

Medovo is a part of a group of Bulgarian wineries with a total annual production of over 30 million bottles of high quality reds and whites. These include the brands of Vineks Preslav, Khan Krum, Château Rossenovo, and Terra Antique, as well as the Bulgarian cognac brandies Pliska and Preslav. A large portion of the production comes from private vineyards, the size of which is growing by 100 to 200 hectares per year.

The village of Medovo benefits from natural resourse of  mineral water, flowing directly into the village's water pipes and taps, as well as its geography and closeness to the modern recreational destinations like Sunny Beach, Ravda and Pomorie (15-18 km away), defines its future development as a center for the green and balneological tourism in the region.

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