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Rafael Developments

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals. Loyalty and sincerity are cultivated in each of our employees to provide the best service to meet our clients’ requirements and expectations. We are continuously working towards recruiting and selecting the best people available in the market to join our team with the ultimate aim to set up a top-tier team to run our business. We strongly believe that in the modern business world exceptional companies are made of exceptional people. The decisive critical factor from conceiving to execution of a business idea is PEOPLE.

The company's employment principles are founded on customer satisfaction and maintaining a reputation for service excellence, quality and integrity.

Finance Department

The Financial Manager works hand in hand with the Internal Audit, Administration and Accounting Office; responsible for the preparation and review of annual and management reports, project reports and financial analysis.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department undertakes the critical business activity of preparing and ensuring the proper representation of our company, our brand identity and our portfolio of products and services. We achieve this by using all the proper communication channels like advertising, exhibitions, presentations, shows etc. Through our strategic collaboration with Velos Advertising & Design Ltd., we ensure the proper development and communication of our brand identity to the outside world.

Human Resources Department

Understanding that continued growth and success depends on the attitude and effort of each individual in the company, we place great importance on recruitment and staff retention. Our staff is comprised experts in their chosen field and whether from within the group or from the wider network of our associates, collaborators and partners, they bring a wealth of business and consulting experience with them.

The company will soon introduce an employee share option plan and bonus scheme.

Sales Department

Our Sales Department is the spearhead of our real estate agency activity and it operates very successfully at both ends of the sales process. The Real Estate Research Team continuously searches for plots of land at the best locations and at the best prices.

Our Sales Front Office attracts new clientele through various sales channels and connections. It ensures that our existing clients are updated about the status of their investment and about the prospects and the changes in the areas we operate in. We also provide property investment consulting, based on a number of critical factors that are outlined by the investor based on their investment strategy.

In addition to our main sales office in Bourgas, Rafael Developments Cyprus Ltd. serves as our sales office in Cyprus. Rafael Developments Cyprus is actively searching and pitching for prospective clients for investing in land or apartments in Bulgaria. In addition, it serves the after-sales needs of our existing Cyprus clients. It is in close contact with them and informs them on their acquired land and property as well as on the trends and developments in the Bulgarian real estate market.

Project Management Department

The Project Management Department is involved in all stages of planning and developing our property projects. The Department Manager works closely with the executive management during the initial stages of selecting the proper land plots and planning the projects. Then he coordinates the department personnel during the stages of construction and development of the project, working closely with our strategic collaborator BGI, which is the firm that undertakes the overall coordination and project management activity for all of our projects. BGI is our selected project management firm with many years of expertise in large scale property development projects all over Bulgaria.

Legal Services Department

The Legal Department provides Rafael Group|Bulgaria with professional legal advice at the highest level. We provide professional legal advice and services to our valued clients so as to ensure security on investment and retain investor confidence; legal advice concerning foreign investment, conveyance and formalization of all documents, company formulation and registration, and all associated legal taxation transactions.

 Information Technology Department

Our Information Technology Department advances our corporate goals and increases our profits by linking our IT strategy to our corporate strategy and by making our work environment more efficient and successful through high quality information systems. Through our strategic collaboration with ten20 Information Solutions Ltd., a Cyprus based IT company, we are developing and implementing a management information system that will support and enhance all department activities.

Administration Department & Support Services

Our Administration Department provides the best support services to key executives and personnel.

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