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Business Overview

Rafael Developments is one of the three divisions of Rafael Group|Bulgaria.

The Rafael Developments division was launched in 2005 as a part of Rafael Group|Bulgaria’s expansion strategy to provide client support services and to enhance the image of Rafael Group|Bulgaria, as one of the most serious and considerable players in the real estate, property planning and development market. The ultimate aim is to become one of Bulgaria’s finest developers of mixed-use, special facilities, residential and lifestyle properties. 

The Rafael Developments division concentrates on a Bulgarian portfolio by providing real estate agency services, investing in land acquisition and developing master planned communities in strategic locations in the Black Sea region. Property transactions for the three-year period have ended in 2007 and amounted to over 250 transactions in property acquisition and sales, with a turnover of over 100 million Euro.

The company has also been instrumental in driving the growth of regional real estate in Bulgaria and promoting the country as a world-class destination, reinforcing the benefits of investing in the region.  

The Rafael Developments division utilizes a strategic model that covers all the major areas of the property planning and development business activity, from real estate selection and agency to property planning, development and management. This model gives us the chance to fully utilize and build on our core competencies and abilities and to maximize our financial results; it also gives the chance to the investor and client to select the best property and the best property stage / location / type based on their investment strategy, the investment time spectrum, their exit strategies and risks. 

Currently, the Rafael Developments division has the following companies under its wings:

    • Rafael Pearl Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Laguna Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Aphrodite Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Star Ltd.
    • Rafael Spa Resort Ltd.
    • Rafael Izabel Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Dionysos Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Hera Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Poseidon Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Athena Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Hermes Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Persefony Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Themida Project Ltd.
    • Rafael Balkan Resort Ltd.
    • Rafeal Dragalevtsi Residential Building Ltd.
    • Rafael St.George Housing Building Ltd.
    • Green Village Ltd.


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