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Bourgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, situated in the south-eastern part of the country. It is located at the most western point of Burgas bay, on a peninsula in the Black Sea coast , surrounded by three lakes.

The name of Bourgas appears for the first time in 1306 in the poem of a Byzantine poet  as Pirgos, the Greek equivalent of the Latin word Burgos, which means the tower. Bourgas appears on the map for the first time in 1733. Because of its crossroad position and the comfortable sea port the town starts to grow fast. The sea on one side was a door and relation to different civilizations.

The climate is of the moderate continental type with a definite influence of the sea. The summer is pleasantly fresh, because of the constant movements of the air. The average day temperature of the air during the summer is 26.4° С and the temperature of the sea water – 24.8° С. There are between 24 and 27 sunny days per month during the summer period with an average of 10-11 sunny hours in a 24-hour period.

Burgas is a municipal and regional center as well as the fourth biggest town in Bulgaria with a population of about 226,000 inhabitants. According to the economic indicators the Municipality of Bourgas is second among the other Bulgarian municipalities. More than 15,000 companies are registered here, and the unemployment is the lowest in the whole of the country – 4.3 %. Burgas is an important industrial, commercial, transport and tourist center. Education is an essential part of the past and the present of Bourgas. With its 35 kinder gardens, 55 schools, 2 universities it equals the standard of many European towns.

The city of Bourgas is the most vivid and busy center in the Black sea coast. It is the center of the tourism industry on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The city is a starting point for visiting the seaside resorts in the area - The Sunny Beach - one of the most famous summer resorts in Bulgaria, and to the vacation village "Elenite". In the same direction is the old town of Nessebar - a town-museum. To the south of Bourgas there are also many summer resorts and vacation villages - Chernomorez, Primorsko, Kiten, Lozenez, Tsarevo, Ahtopol. In the same direction there is the town-museum Sozopol, the vacation village Dunes, the International Youth Centre - Primorsko. The Bourgas Airport operates regular flights to Sofia every day. During the summer season, there are up to 7 flights daily in both directions. Flying time to the capital city is about  40 min. The airport is an international one and sees increased traffic, including charter flights during the summer. The National railway network system connects Bourgas to the European Railway system. The express train to Sofia travels less than 6.30 hours. The Bourgas port is one of the major ports on the Black Sea. In 1989, a Duty Free Zone was established with the objective to create most attractive conditions for foreign investors. 

The artistic spirit of the local people adds up to the unique atmosphere of peace and isolation from the hectic city life. Only Bourgas enables you to enjoy the breathtaking folklore show of the Balkan countries in the International folklore festival; the rich variety of colours and odours in the annual National exhibition FLORA. Bourgas excite every citizen and visitor of the town.

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